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All Self-Publishing Services for indie authors against affordable prices.


Featured author and book promotions

One day Book Promotion.

One book feature with shares and tweets running through the following week start from £17 (£11 for UK residents)


Featured Author.

The same as the book promotion but with an author interview and more room to talk about the book $33 (£25 UK residents)


Feature + second day promotion and a review if wanted.

A combination of the first and the second option on consecutive days or spread out over two weeks and review (you're not paying for the review but for the promo and the time it takes to update the sites with the review) $50 or £30


Book Blasts £150 (a minimum of 10 blogs will host the blast)

If you wish I can also take care of a Rafflecopter giveaway, but that will cost an additional $15 (£10)


Tours are priced depending on the wish of the author and start from £400 (£250)

All features and promotion will be suited to the author's need and can be either consecutive days, for the multi-day packages, or spread out over a longer period of time.


The posts will be shared on twitter (up to a week after the event, or longer if wanted), Google+, Triberr, LinkedIn, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, and Facebook. A review is shared on the blogs, my site,, .de, .fr, Goodreads, Booklikes, The Writer's Shack, Book Junkies Reviews, if suitable also on The Masquerade Crew.


Starting from a mere $17 (£11) you and your work could be seen by at least 497K people


More days and a variety of possible posts are negotiable.



Consists of not only pointingout SPaG, but I will also point out holes, continuity issues, character and other inconsistencies.

Price differs depending on the editing state the manuscript is in.

Submission guidelines:

Font courier 12pt, double spaced.


Testimonials to be found here.



Word document ready for Smashwords and Amazon from £50.


Cover design

Quote on request.


All work and prices are negotiable.

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