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She has been chosen as yogi of the month September 2013 and got the chance to share a little insight in her motivation.



"Love your Yoga classes, they are truly Inspirational and Spiritual."

Fay, Cheshire, UK

Lucy practices and teaches yoga with great pleasure.


“Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.” ~ B.K.S. Iyengar

Below you can read what some of her students have to say about Lucy and her level of teaching.


"Thank you SO MUCH, Lucy, for taking over our Yoga class. I am enjoying your approach to teaching Yoga very much indeed. I have been doing Yoga now for over 30 years and still have LOTS to learn.

Your approach is one of careful consideration of the members of the class and you adapt your poses to the students's needs and capabilities. Whenever we do something new or different you always demonstrate the moves clearly and work us up to the positions, step by step. Throughout the sessions, you encourage us to recognise our own bodily limitations, whilst encouraging us to challenge ourselves. This approach works very well and there is a fine sense of achievement at the end of the class, when you take time to discuss our opinions.

You are always willing to take into account our views and adapt your approach, if this seems the general view. I like it that we spend time warming up with floor work and wind down again similarly before relaxation. This approach suits our particular class, others may prefer a more active approach all session. You, Lucy, as the competent, experienced teacher know how this works for the various groups or individuals you teach. I feel very happy having you as my Yoga teacher and would certainly recommend you to anyone looking for an excellent Yoga teacher."

Susan C. Brickles, Cheshire, UK


"Lucy agreed to take our yoga classes whilst our teacher was away. I was struck immediately by the quality of her presence. Lucy has a spiritual energy but also a stillness which helped me to feel at ease. She supported me to feel connected mind, body and spirit. As a teacher she is compassionate with an empathic connection with the class. Lucy clearly has a knowledge of the philosophy and practice of yoga and I experienced her as dedicated teacher with a humility which allowed her to tune into the needs of others. It was a privilege to be in her class."

Carole Malcolm, Cheshire, UK


"We met Lucy at the local gym where she took our yoga classes whilst our regular teacher was on holiday.

Lucy has made each class very enjoyable, we have had new and varied positions, each one explained with a gentle grace and charm.

Like our usual teacher Alison, Lucy has made everyone feel comfortable within their own limitations, this is so very important when you are a novice.

We would thoroughly recommend Lucy to anyone who is thinking of setting out on the yoga path.

Thank you Lucy."

Angela & Ken Barron, Cheshire, UK

"I would just like to thank you for being our yoga teacher.

I have been very impressed with your professional approach

and pupil understanding.

Since you have been with us I have really enjoyed every

session with your tuition.

From day one your understanding of our needs and

capabilities have meant a lot to all of us.

You are very patient with poses that we cannot do

and always find alternatives to suit everyone.

You are also a very kind and understanding person.

Keep up the good work."

Joan Slack, Cheshire, UK


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