Regulated Breath

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Regulated Breath

(Sama Vritti Pranayama)


This pranayama excercise can be performed in a comfortable sitting position of your choice, or in Shavasana, with eyes open or closed. Don't engage the Bandhas but allow the breath to flow deep into the abdomen.


As in most Pranayama the mouth is kept closed and breathing is done only through the nose. Warming and purifying the air in the nasal cavity before it enters the lungs.

This is an especially beneficially exercise if you need to come back to base. It is a good concentration exercise, and can help you if you have trouble sleeping.


Lie in Shavasana, or sit comfortably in Sukhasana or any other seated posture and becomeaware of your natural,normal breathing. Then elongate your inhale and exhale to each four counts and continue this for five to eight rounds.


Elongate your inhale and exhale to five counts. Again five rounds, or if you can to eight. Then lenghten it to six counts for five to eight rounds.


Then check your body if you are not retaining tension in any muscle. If so, purposefully relax those muscles and elongate your breath to seven counts for five to ten rounds.


Now scan your body again, check if the muscles of your face and jaw/throat are relaxed and soft.


Increase the lenght of breaths to eight counts if this doesn't cause you to tense up. After five to ten rounds elongate to nine counts, all the time keeping your mind alert and aware of your body.


If at any time you feel tension build, or dizziness come back to your natural breath.


Remember, it takes time to master Sama Vritti Pranayama like it does any yoga posture.